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If your boiler’s gone down or you’re experiencing problems with the time taken to heat your home or water, I can help you identify the underlying issue.


I talk you through your options, sometimes it’s better to replace an old boiler with a new installation before something else goes wrong, but more often than not you can get away with replacing the broken part.


Whatever the problem, I’ll explain it in simple terms and spell out the costs involved so you can decide what’s best for your home and budget.


If you’re just experiencing poor performance, don’t forget a power flush to rid the system of built up debris and sludge might be enough to restore full heat.

"When our boiler went down we got Chris to take a look. He fixed the problem then and there for a very reasonable price."

- Spencer, Larkhall, Bath

Get your system working again as quickly as possible and minimise the cost of boiler repairs

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